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The Gorgeous Goodbye

posted on 05 Aug 2012 13:08 by 7daysinaustin
Finally the saddest day of my joyful journey, I had to leave amazing Austin.
Kelly made me precious breakfast again. I had Amrican breakfast.
That was a good thing to lure me to come back to lovely America again.
And Kelly's birthday cake was done by Chef Janet.
It is lovely, isn't it?
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I still had fun seeing Lorena again and say goodbye. But I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to brilliant Brandi. Sad.
Over all, the last day didn't pass me that bad.
No gloomy scenes happened.
I guess becuase of the hope, the power of adventurous soul of traveling I have, and the possibility of coming back to hug my precious Austin again with love.
As long as you're still breathing, nothing is impossible.
The possibility of everything is just right in front of you.
Sometimes, the dream can be so far away ro reach
Just keep running, run to banish the distance.
One day you'll be running throught raising your arms in the air.
One day I definitely will be back to Austin.
After the last breakfast, I packed my two large suitcases, and left Austin.
I had to go to Houston to fly to Atlanta to catch my flight from America to South Korea to travel for five more days before I go back to my beloved Thailand.
I appreciate every where on earth I visit,
every mile I go through,
everyone I meet,
every path I walk on,
every road I ride on,
every cloud I fly through,
everything I see,
and every breath I take during my journey.

Grace Coddington, a former model and the creative director of American Vogue magazine, said that when she travels by car, she doesn't take a nap. She keeps her eyes open to see things outside the car and learn.

An excellent example of amazing appreciation of traveling.

Seeing people and things on the sideways while you're riding in the car is wonderful.

It never bores me, except when I am really really tired or lack of sleep.

Beyond that, I look outside the window,

appreciate what I see,

think along, 

get some ideas,

 and thank life.

Thanks Kelly, Brandi, Lorena, and everyone for full-filling my trip and for making it unforgetable.
Thanks my mother for love and all the supports.
And thank myself for having my own thoughts and my goal of taking my soul to see the world as much as possible to make my life worth it.
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Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
I fucking miss you, Austin!

Lovely Lady Bird Lake

posted on 04 Aug 2012 14:08 by 7daysinaustin directory Food, Travel, Diary
So my day 6 has come. It was not like any other days I had had before in Austin. I did a lot of things!
First, Kelly's 21th birthday was in the next two days, she was very excited about it because it's the age of minimal drinking age in the U.S.
Is there any better thing than being able to drink alcohol when you turn 21 in the US?
So we wanted to do something to celebreate her precious age. Janet wanted to make her a cake, so we went to the grocery store again.
Things I like about going to grocery in place's I'm not familiar is to walk around and see what can be so different from what Thailand has. But mostly I love going to the food section which always make me very excited to see all the food and ingredients, especially the chesse and milk section.
It always feels good to be wandering around food.
And I got an American flag! :D
Then Brandi Anderson came to pick me up at the store.
She got a hair-cut again.
We went to her house and hang out for a bit.
Brandi's house was very beautiful. Cozy and elegant.
Then Brandi wanted me to introduce some nice places in Austin.
She is very kind, very very kind. She is one of the greatest hosts I've ever known.
Imagine if you're a host and you have a guest, you would just think about what is the most famous places in the city you leave, and then take your guest there.
But you probably forget or don't  realize if they have read something in magazine, or have heard something interesting about your city beyond the ones on the top lists. Or maybe they want to go somewhere that has something interesting for them.
But I was just a person who only knew that I wanted to be in Austin, I didn't really know anything about this city, but my goal of traveling is to collect things I reandomly buy from places I come, too.
I don't want to be a person who go somewhere and buy souvenirs that have the same logos on the objects like everyone in the world.
It's too mainstream.
I want to have something more valuable than that.
Wouldn't it be nice when you're at your home accidentally finding a thing from your trip and it reminds you of the atmosphere of the place you went, how you went there, and people you went with. Maybe it's because you were so thirstly that you had to stop at a gas station to get some water in the store with some local people in there and you accidentally glanced at a cute animal on the shelve beside the counter and finally you decided to buy it.
And later, you found that cute stuffed animal somewhere at your house.
It reminds you of that atmosphere in that gas station.
Not like a keychain from a souvenir store when you jump out of the car and go into the store with a bunch of tourists like you and you pick something which other people also buy.
Appreciate the difference.
She asked me what am I interested in and where did I want to go.
So I said I want to find some vintage stuffs.
We hit the road.
She took me to a neighborhood that has vintage shops around.
Her hand some dog named David came with us, too.
The first store we went was Room Service Vintage


Room Service Vintage
107 N Loop Blvd E, Austin, TX
I really enjoyed that vintage store. The stuffs they had there were perfectly precious and pretty.
They had everything, furnitures, outfits, home decorations, and even vintage filmed pictures in white frames.
I bought a pair of lovely brown flat shoes, and some other stuffs.
After I steped out from the store, I wore them right away.
My feet got to meet new a pair of friendly buddy.
My feet are pretty big, I wear 8, it's always hard to fine shoes that fit my feet in Thailand, but not in America. :)
Then we took David for a walk around that neighborhood.
We went to some other vintage clothes store but we didn't buy anything.
After the precious shopping with brilliant Brandi, she dropped me off to at a parking lot because I had to go join an activity at a lake.
(I'm missing those days with you, Brandi!)
Kelly, Janet, and I went to the lake called Lady Bird Lake.
You can't imagine how beautiful the bird is through photograph, I am pretty sure.
All you need is to go there and soak the atmosphere.
We had a picnic there. Chef Janet made us delicious sandwiches.
Janet is brilliant at cooking!
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And then, on a precious afternoon by the lake, the sky was brightly blue and the lake was brilliant beautiful, we went kayaking.
We did tri-kayaking. I rode in the back seat of the kayak.
The paddles in our hands were waving like they were saying goodbye to the lakeshore to leave to come away to wet heaven on earth.
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All we did were just paddling, swimming, swinging, jumping into the water, splashing, and having so much fun.
It was one of the most beautiful day of my life.
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I serious really love my life.
I rock it, I hit it hard!
After the great fun time at Lady Bird Lake, we went to drive through downtown Austin again
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Then we went to a Mexican restaurant called Hula Hut near Mozart's cafe for dinner.
Along the way from the parking lot to the restaurant, there was a car with tiny magnets all over it. They were there for people who walk pass to create randomly sentences.
Let me not reveal the nonsense ones we created.
I wanted to order beef fajitas which is my favorite Mexican food, but the description of Ribs on the menu just attracted my desire, so I ordered ribs.
It was great! I worshiped the one who cooked it for me for surprising my palate.
After the delighted dinner, I drooled for some vanilla coffee at Mozart's again even though was not my caffeine window at that hour.
So we walk to Mozart's.
We were lucky! They had a band playing live there.
I ordered vanilla latte as usual, but to treat my tremendous day, I rewarded myself a chocolate moose.
Later on, we went back home with soreness all in our bodies from paddling the kayak.
But the pain was worth the happiness.

The Friendly Frog

posted on 04 Aug 2012 00:12 by 7daysinaustin directory Food, Travel, Diary
Another day of exhaustion in Austin. Even though we went to bed early, but we still woke up very late.
I didn't want it to happen. I wanted to go through my favorite Austin earlier than 12 PM.
The thing I felt sad was that I couldn't get to see the early morning view in Austin. No matter how crowded the city is, I do not mind. I still want to see how the Austinists spend their morning ruetines in such a beautiful city.
We woke up around noon and we invited Stephanie and Mag to go with us for lunch at a special place, Thai Spice.
Thai Spice
2100 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX
Perhaps the sushi we had for dinner and big healthy breakfast the other day was not Asian enough for me, so I desired to have more Asian food. And the name Thai Spice sounds pretty seductive for me to go in and see how spicy this place can do. Maybe they can spice my life up and refreshen me from the exhaustion.
I ordered a lot, Larb, Green curry fried rice, miso soup, and some sushi.
Larb and the fried rice was the hightlight! It was perfectly delicious. Nothing is different from real Thai food in Thailand. Oh, how I love you, Austin.
This place is very very great. Nice atmostphere, very close to UT, the price is not very expensive. Over all, I had a very precious time there.
Give 'em 10 stars! ★★★★★★★★★★
Later on at night, Lorena had time to hang out with Kelly and me again. We went to a very very very very nice coffee place called Mozart's. It's by the river so the atmostphere was naturally beautiful. I ordered vanilla latte as usual.
Good coffee, good friends, good place, and good talk.
Mozart's Coffee Roasters
3825 Lake Austin Boulevard, Austin, TX
After the coffee time, Kelly drove Lorena home, and along the way we went, we took a fun photograph at a famous wall of Austin.
This wall has a history.
"One of my most favorite street art/graffiti walls in Austin is singer/song-writer/artist, Daniel Johnson’s “Hi, how are you” frog on 21st and Guadalupe. Johnson was commissioned to paint the mural in 1993 by Sound Exchange (a bad ass record store that stood, in past life, on the famous Austin corner). When ownership of the building changed, the mural ALMOST met a white washed demise, but thankfully, a University of Texas student was able to convince the owners to spare it’s life, securing the mural’s place in Austin’s history… which allows me to say… “I’m fine… thanks for asking.”"
And while we were posing for our photograph by the street, there was a guy rapidly riding his bicycle passing us greeting, "Hi, how are you?" with a smile of friendship. 
Hm, how nice Austinists are...
I had a great night.